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Jessica Sandberg & Medical Mission to Haiti

posted Jan 19, 2010, 10:52 AM by Unknown user
Gethsemane member Jessica Sandberg, an RN in the Regions Emergency center, is helping to coordinate a medical team from her work traveling to Haiti.  She herself may also be going in May. 

Here is some information that she has provided for us:

Dear Gethesame Friends,
The Regions Group will be leaving for Haiti on Jan 26th for one week.  I talked to the doctors this morning and they mention that one of the best things to collect would be these sticks that you put in water and it purifies the water.  They are suppose to email me the name of these sticks, but I guess you can get them at gander mountain and REI. 
Here is our invite letter to Haiti:

As you are aware we have been invited and cleared by Partners in Health (Paul Farmer’s group) to bring medical teams to Haiti.  Our first trip will depart from Mpls on American Airlines.

We have been in contact with Loune Viaud – Director of Strategic Planning and Operations for PIH. We will be met by Partners in Health on the tarmac.  We will be escorted to Nos Petits Freres and Soeurs in Port au Prince.  At this point it appears that we will be staying at Nos Petits Freres and Soeurs and working with Fr. Rick Frechette’s organization - Friends of the Orphans.  Fr. Frechette's work includes overseeing NPH’s 250-bed hospital, St. Damien’s, which provides long-term care to critically ill children and outpatient services to over 17,000 children and adults each year.  We will most likely be working at one of his facilities, churches or otherwise.

We will be sleeping in tents in what we are told is a protected area.  However, even though we are under the auspices and protection of PIH, please keep in mind that this could be a dangerous trip.  It is not for those light of heart, head, or stomach. 

Thank you for all your support.  Jessica Sandberg, RN

She has also told us that if anyone wants to drop off the water purification sticks/straws at Church, she will see to it that they get to the team.  She will also be purchasing them herself, and may be able to negotiate a reduced price, so you could tell her how much you'd like to give towards that and she will buy them and get your reimbursement from you.  You will need to make these arrangements directly with her and can contact her by e-mail at  Contributions could also be made directly to the Regions Clinical Toxicology Department which is coordinating the project.