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"Love God" FaithTrek Resource

posted Sep 24, 2009, 11:56 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 24, 2009, 12:00 PM ]

I invite you into a FaithTrek journey as a part of our Traveling Light sermon series, which explores the basics of a lived and experienced faith this fall!


The Trek has three parts, and each part lasts three weeks.  You can take part in one, two, or all three.


To take the journey is very simple:

  • Find one or two people to be your “travelling partners.”
  • Pick one time each week when you can have an hour for conversation together.  This can be over coffee, over lunch, over the phone or the internet… whatever works for you!
  • During the week, each of you spends some time every day on a focused faith reflection (see below.)  Then when you have your conversation, you simply share with each other whatever you have found or encountered during the week through those reflections.
  • At the end of each three-week run, you can decide together whether to continue on, or to stop.


Here are suggestions for your focused reflections for the first three weeks.  Each week, use whichever one of the reflections speaks to you.


Week of September 20th

Spend intentional time each day “soaking” in the reality of God’s love for you.  “Tune in” to God’s delight in you as His child as if it were a radio station.  Pray; “Lord, do you love me?” and then listen for the answer.  Pray; “Father, how do you feel about me?” and listen for the answer.  Imagine you are one of the children Jesus picked up, held in his arms and blessed.  (Mark 10:13-10)  Spend time just sitting there, held in his lap, and look at his smile.


Week of September 27th

Spend time daily giving your attention to God – “quality time” – just as you would to a child.  In prayer, ask God “Tell me what’s important to you” and listen.  Ask “What are you happy about today, Lord?” and listen.  Ask “What is it that breaks your heart?” and listen.  In prayer or writing, tell the Lord what you value or appreciate about Him.


Week of October 4th

Each morning, read the story of the Lost Sheep in Luke 15:1-7 and throughout the day, look for “sheep” that are lost or being found.  Watch for times when you feel lost, or found.


If you wish, you can also find FaithTrek on Facebook where it is an open group.


Blessings on your Journey!


Pastor Tim