Celebrate Gethsemane

Lots of people appreciate Gethsemane's ministry - both within and outside the congregation!  We gave them a chance to say "Thank you!" and here's what they had to say. Click here to submit your own written thank you! 

Written thank-yous.

Jani Joubert: I want to thank Gethsemane for supporting me and my family with prayer and support.  I was going through a tough time when I started coming here this last year,  I knew that all I had to do was call Pastors Tim & Rick for support.  I really enjoy the sermons,  they are so uplifting and enjoyable I look forward to that part of service,  of course I enjoy the entire service.  Ever since I joined this new home of God I have been calmed, more relaxed (most of the time) and all together happier! Thank you for everything.  

Clifford & Elaine Sohlo: Having been members since 1956, we must say we are truly blessed with Gethsemane Church and School. Our children and grandchildren graduated from the school, and we feel as if we are a part of the school even though we don't have children attending any more. We have made such wonderful friends all through the years, and thankful for such fellowship.  We also have been blessed spiritually with worship and Bible  study classes.  May God bless all the staff.

Anonymous: We have been blessed each week by Mike Steingraber, Mike Senger, Linda Amey, and all others who work the sound system and the overhead each week.  We are blessed by Randy Travers and his hard work keeping the school and church clean and polished.  We are blessed by Pastor Rick and Pastor Tim and their thoughtful and challenging sermons each week.  We are greatly blessed by Connie and Bob Bade and their service to us at the hospitality table.  We are greatly blessed by Brenda Allan in the church office, her kindness and willingness to be of help in any situation.

Kay Becken: Most recently I have been blessed by our organist, Marie Campbell's attitude of service!!  Without a choir director, she graciously meets with us to rehearse for Sunday's and with a smile on her face and joy in her heart, she does whatever it takes to serve us at Gethsemane!!

Video Thank-yous

Liberian Food Shelf Site from Gethsemane on Vimeo.

SEAM (Southeast Asian Ministry) from Gethsemane on Vimeo.

Gethsemane Youth from Gethsemane on Vimeo.

Sara Beekie

Sara Beekie from Gethsemane on Vimeo.

Dave & Carol Dittberner from Gethsemane on Vimeo.

Susan Miller from Gethsemane on Vimeo.

Kathryn Tiede, Pastor of Living Waters Lutheran Church, Lino Lakes, MN

Kathryn Tiede from Gethsemane on Vimeo.